Supplier review – Little Heath Farm Shop, Dunham Massey

Over the coming months we will be visiting a number of local, independent suppliers where we will be sourcing our fruit, veg, fish, cheese, drinks etc. After each visit we will do a little write-up here and hope that readers will find these useful in helping them to discover new local, independent suppliers.

We made our first visit to Little Heath Farm in Dunham Massey village on the 30th December and it was a great place to start our search. Situated in the village of Dunham, as stones throw from the beautiful Dunham Massey Hall, Little Heath Farm has a lovely farm shop selling meats from the farms herd of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Beef, pork from their own pigs as well as fresh seasonal veg, eggs and local preserves.

Little Heath Farm, Dunham Massey

Little Heath Farm, Dunham Massey

What we liked most about Little Heath Farm was the fact that the owner Sue, who served us in the shop, took a lot of time to answer all our questions about where the produce was from, how it was farmed and the care of the animals. This was a whole new, and very welcomed experience for us when doing our shopping. Sue was genuinely interested in answering our queries and sharing in her experiences with farming and rearing the cattle. It is really nice to be able to engage with those who produce the food we eat and get some understanding of how it is produced. It also offers an opportunity to understand what goes on in your local community and learn something new. It was great to learn that the local independent brewery in Dunham sends the waste hops from the brewing process to the farm so that it can be included in the farm feed. This is a great example of local businesses working in collaboration and cutting down on waste.Little Heath Farm

We can whole heartedly  recommend this little gem of a farm shop to anyone who is interested in buying fresh, good quality produce. Great products, good price and a really warm welcome. If you visit why not tie it in with a stroll through the deer park at Dunham Massey Hall, or a visit to the Dunham Massey brewery which are both a stones throw from the farm.

Little Heath Farm
Cow Lane
Dunham Massey
WA14 4SE
Tel: 0161 928 0520
Twitter: @littleheathshop

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